Molly Shelton
Documentary Film Maker, specialising in environmental justice film.

Molly's story

My filmmaking is motivated by environmental justice, an eye for beautiful cinematography, heartfelt storytelling and a belief that diverse representation of voices in the film industry is essential, particularly by amplifying voices of women, gender non-conforming people and communities in the Global South. It is these communities whom have contributed least to creating the conditions of austerity and social and environmental injustice, yet whom are affected first and worst.

I am therefore motivated for my film and media work to be in collaboration with education projects, policy & third sector campaigns & organisations and socially & environmentally conscious studios, as a passionate and determined collaborator and colleague. My central value as a storyteller and researcher is to amplify stories that pressure and provoke alternative solutions to neocolonial social and environmental justice narratives and policies. I am also passionate about participatory filmmaking and of sharing powerful and joyful stories, due to my belief and optimism that film can be a catalyst and blueprint for positive change.

I am applying to the Scottish Documentary Institute's (SDI) 50/50+ Women Directory for 2021-22. I then hope to study a practical MA in Ethnographic and Documentary Film at University College London in 2022. Therefore, as a woman from a low-income background, I hope to contribute and collaborate on films that share diverse experiences, question global hegemony and imagine alternatives that serve everyone; this is only possible if diverse voices are amplified for representational democracy. As an anthropologist and video-ethnographer, I champion the vitality of voices of women of colour and from the Global South in film.

For examples of my current projects and skills, please follow the links to my LinkedIn profile, and my website. 

Molly's recent activity