Emily Frances Ippolito
Emily Frances Ippolito has a strong passion for bringing an image and scene to life through music. Emily has experience in a variety of genres (horror, drama, light hearted and humorous, animation, adverts, and orchestral and chamber music).

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Emily frances's story

Hi everyone! I’m a music composer,teacher and now author of a children’s book that I wrote with my daughter. I’m a single parent that has dual citizenship and is originally from the USA. I have been in beautiful Scotland for almost 4 years now. I initially came to Scotland to get my Masters degree in composition for screen and loved it so much I stayed! Music is my absolute passion and I love to work with creatives to help achieve their vision for their project! My music tends to be more orchestral but am always open and willing to try something new! It is sometimes through those projects that require something different that I feel I create my best music! Go to my website to see/hear various short films I have composed for. www.emilyfrancesippolito.com There you will find the icons to click on such as soundcloud, YouTube,Vimeo, etc.