Michelle Owen
Glasgow based self shooting Producer / Director working across all things factual. Specialising in access based content with a passion for sharing the stories of everyday people. Broadcast credits across BBC, ITV, C4 and C5.

Can drive
B - cars / light vehicles

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Michelle's story:
Experienced Producer / Director

Listed as a Broadcast Hotshot delegate in 2019 , I am a confident and experienced Producer Director. 

My most notable credit to date is Series Producer and Director of the 6 X 30 mins series for BBC Scotland , Fish Town in 2019. On this project I managed a small core team and hired individuals where required for fishing trips. I was able to demonstrate great multi tasking skills as the edit was running along side production so I had to constantly flip between Series Producing, Edit Producing and self shooting /Directing. This content of this series also showcases the kind of programming I enjoy , documenting the lives of normal people and giving them a platform to tell their story. I like the puzzle of turning their story into an enjoyable watch for the audience using different camera style , genres and formats. 

Throughout my career I have shown a real skill for gaining and maintaining institutional access. Particularly in NHS trusts, Police Units and communities. As a result I am experienced in dealing with sensitive genre, constructing story and managing legal and compliance issues that arise.

I am competent self shooter on the FS7 . I have shot and directed on a variety of factual genres from obs doc to features and recently shot and directed a scripted comedy pilot for BBC Scotland. I also have experience directing crew on multi cam and single camera shoots. 

I am a strong Producer so thrive in an environment where I am able to start a project early, establish the set up and logistics and go on to shape the style and content. Bringing with me a Directing element I am able to balance both on screen and off screen limitations. I don't just care about the story or the visuals , I care about the full package and work hard to make sure everyone involved in delivering that package has a good experience from contributors to staff members. 

I truly believe that our industry has a long way to go in improving the lifestyle for its workforce and I am an active voice in trying to realise that I change. Outside of work I have a love for the outdoors where I often find myself completing various adventure challenges and races. 

My recent credits include 


Scripted Comedy Pilot - Director and Camera Operator


Features - Edit Producer 


Factual  - Self Shooting PD 

MY MORTGAGE FREE HOME :Raise the Roof Productions for HGTV 

Features - Edit Producer / Self Shooting Director 

FISH TOWN : Firecrest Films for BBC Scotland 

Obs doc - Series Producer Director

PARAMEDICS ON SCENE : Firecrest Films for BBC Scotland

Blue light - Producer