Erica Monde

Erica Monde

Imprint Documentary Collective
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I am a Self-Shooting P/D from California based in Glasgow. My work explores interdisciplinarity across documentary, ethnographic film, and fine art installations.

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Erica's story:
Documentary Director

Erica is originally from California and moved to Scotland in 2019, where she completed her MFA in Documentary Film Directing at the University of Edinburgh in 2021. She has a background in cultural anthropology and fine art, having completed an MA in Medical Anthropology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and studies in Conceptual Studio Arts at Metafora Studios in Barcelona, Spain. In 2021, she co-founded Imprint with Marta Massa, a female-led documentary collective focusing on embodiment in documentary (

Her practice takes the form of essay, social issue, hybrid, and experimental docs, as well as video/multimedia installations and visual ethnographic research. She is passionate about interdisciplinarity and has a wide variety of topical interests, having produced visual work and conducted social research on health related topics around the world since 2015. Specifically, she is interested in the health/culture relationship, the body, intimacy, and phenomenology, gender studies, human/environmental relationships, and the transformative experiences of art, dance, and creativity. She is particularily interested in cultures and regions surrounding the Mediterranean.

Her first ethnographic short, Lipasmata, explored the relationship between an abandoned fertilizer factory on the port of Pireaus, Greece, and the contesting memories of various Athenians who considered its history part of their personal and cultural histories. Her second short documentary, What My Body Told Me, is an experimental foray into the embodied memories our physical selves hold, and the conversations with our bodies that become possible when we pause for long enough to hear them. Her third short, The Shape of the Sky (A Manifesto), is a micro-short film that explores the concept of identification of ourselves and nature, and how limitation can create an opportunity for alternative perceptions of our bodies' potential. She is also working on producing projects for a number of directors based in Scotland, and is developing her first feature film on the history of gender in belly dance cultures globally.

Her emails are open to collaborations as a director in the UK, USA, and Europe, as well as to inquiries about collaborating on interdisciplinary art and research projects.