Morag Tinto
Self-shooting PD based in Glasgow making arts and documentaries, also a visiting tutor at the NFTS.

Can drive
B - cars / light vehicles

own vehicle

Morag's story:
Self shooting PD interested in all kinds of stories.

I've been making documentaries for about fifteen years now across a wide range of subjects from arts films to observational documentaries. In 2016 I won an RTS award for factual cinematography for my self-shooting work and I continue to enjoy filming documentaries to a high level in a small resourceful little teams. We recently won a Scottish BAFTA for a series about Scotland and The Troubles made for Tern television. It was a departure for me to build this series from set-piece studio interviews and archive I enjoyed that new challenge too. I have a postgraduate MA in Documentary Direction from the National Film and Television School and in 2021 I have returned part time as visiting tutor. I live and work in Glasgow.