Naomi Mackay
I hold a degree in film and photography and have over twenty years’ experience in public facing  positions in IT, teaching, filmmaking, photography and hospitality.  A particular strength is my enthusiasm and ability to build client relationships.

Can drive
B - cars / light vehicles

own vehicle

Naomi's story:
I am me.


I pride myself at my natural ability to make connections with people by being empathetic and compassionate about who they are and what they want. Understanding is the key to learning.  I have social media management and marketing experience and have a proven track record in improving engagement by making followers feel they are part of a community.

I have full working knowledge of Final cut pro X, IMovie Adobe Photoshop, Avid Xpress Pro, Garage band, MS Office, Sound recording (in-studio or outdoors), Sound editing, Digital filming (Manual), Digital and 35mm Photography (Manual), filming on green screen, stage management, lighting, cinematography, producing and directing.

In 2011 I was accepted to NYFA, LA, MA Producing for film and TV and NYC Tish, MA Filmmaking.

I learn languages quickly and in addition to speaking native English & Swedish I am also fluent in Danish, Norwegian and have basic French, German, Spanish and Dothraki.  I plan to start learning Gaelic and Hindi this year.


  • Nakam Yoga Yoga related videos                          Producer/Editor

2020 - Present

  • Letters from Isolation Short videos                                       Producer/Editor                                 2020
  • Dear Caledonia A love letter/video                            Writer/Producer/Editor                    2020
  • Walk with me Jonnie Walker Competition             Producer/Editor                                 2019
  • Stilling the Waves Promo video                                       Producer/Editor                                2018
  • Andy and Jacqui Wedding                                              Photographer/Videographer           2018
  • Shakti women’s aid Police Scotland video                        Producer/Editor                                 2018
  • Edinburgh Lucia Promo video                                      Producer/Editor                                 2018
  • Online broadcasting and journalism En Korre i Skottland/The

2017                                                                                            Squirrel

  • Shakti women’s aid Promo video                                      Producer/Editor                                 2017
  • David and Helen Wedding anniversary film               Producer/Editor                                 2016
  • Shakti women’s aid Conference video                              Producer/Editor                                2016
  • Cara and Jo Wedding                                             Photographer                                    2016
  • John and Alana Wedding                                            Photographer/Videographer           2016
  • Stellar Fuse Music video                                       Producer/Editor                                2016
  • Night school Short film                                           Runner                                                2008
  • Wayfarer Short film                                       Writer/producer/director                    2007
  • Quiet heart Short film                                        Writer/producer/director/Editor       2006
  • Crime scene clean Short film                                        Runner                                                   2006
  • Rabbit proof Short documentary                       Concept/Producer/co-editor              2006


November 2019 – May 2020 Yoga teacher training

May 2019 30hr Yoga teacher training

March 2013 X-ray & security training Edinburgh airport

2005 – 2008 Screen academy Scotland, Screenwriting certificate

Sep 05 – Jun 08, Napier University, Edinburgh, Film and Photography BA/Degree

Feb 98 – Jun 98, Cape Cod College, USA, American History module certificate

Aug 93 – Jun 96, Trelleborgs Gymnasium, Sweden, Major Childcare Certificate