We are going to prioritise our efforts in three key areas. We are fundraising for these with a view to launching them in 2020, and we need your help.

  • We have some amazing talent that can take the next step and we’re going to do our best to help them. Because women support and champion other women, our first priority was to establish a new mentoring and development programme where some of Scotland’s best female filmmakers could pass on their knowledge to emerging talent. We’re thrilled to announce that this programme, called New Voices, launched in July 2020 and is very successful in building the confidence, contacts and industry knowledge of our female documentary filmmakers.  Some of the outcomes for the first group of nine New Voices participants include: 

    • 10 meetings lined up with commissioners and funders
    • 5 successful funding proposals
    • 5 new TV commissions
    • 4 participants accepted onto other training courses
    • 4 participants were working on new feature-length documentaries
    • And being on New Voices either ‘improved’ or ‘substantially improved’ the films they were working on

    We also launched the Women Direct(ory) as a means of raising the visibility of the women in our industry and connecting them with paid work opportunities.  

    Access to funding is also key for women. Unpredictable income and low film budgets stop women training, meeting caring costs and getting their films made. Our next priority is to establish a new grant fund for women making documentaries.  

  • We know young women are voracious producers and consumers of media. Through a wider outreach programme – community workshops, careers fairs and talks – we will attract double the amount of women, especially from marginalised backgrounds, to join us to learn about the art and business of documentary and to make stories that need to be told.

  • Through a targeted and co-ordinated PR and marketing campaign we’ll work with the industry to address its bias, and we will raise the profile of Scottish Documentary makers across the world. It’s time to be proud of the great work we do and the causes we bring to life.

    This work will get us to 50% of Scottish docs directed by women by 2025. Charitable donations will make the difference and our ambition is to raise £1m to fund our 5 year programme to change this industry.