Today sees us launch the 50/50+ Women Direct(ory), Scotland’s first directory of female filmmakers.  

If you're hiring please do make use of the directory - each profile has contact details.  If you are a woman* working in documentary and based in Scotland, and you are looking for work or might be in the future, please create a profile to tell us about you and your work. You can be working in any role – director, producer, editor, camera etc and with any level of experience. 

We launched this 50/50+ Women Direct campaign in 2019, in order to see 50% of Scotland’s documentaries directed by women by 2025. Back then, the data indicated women were directing just 16% of Scotland’s feature-length documentaries. Two years later the figure is closer to 30%. This shows great progress, but given that women represent both 50% of Scotland’s population and 50% of its film industry entrants, a push is still needed to get Scotland to the point where women are directing 50% of its documentaries. We need more female talent to be hired, employed, promoted, commissioned and funded to make documentaries and this directory is designed to see paid work opportunities opening up to more female documentary filmmakers.  

Visit the directory or add your details today!

*our definition includes cis women, trans women, genderqueer, femme/feminine-identifying non-binary filmmakers. 

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