The term ‘documentary’ was first coined in the 1920’s by a Scot – John Grierson. He and his sisters, Ruby and Marion Grierson, went on to create ground-breaking films and practices which defined the genre. Scotland therefore has a rich history of documentary filmmaking.

Scottish Documentary Institute, established in 2004, is Scotland’s only dedicated documentary talent development organisation. We specialise in documentary training, production and distribution and are ideally placed to deliver this Campaign.

SDI‘s mission is to connect Scotland’s documentary filmmakers to the international industry scene and to develop and grow an inclusive community of filmmakers who reflect the diversity of people living and working in Scotland. It has been very successful in both respects, but women continue to experience specific barriers to progression in the industry, which require a special focus and a tailored approach from organisations like SDI. We launched the 50/50+ Women Direct campaign in 2019, to help women overcome these barriers.

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