Anne-Claire Christie

Anne-Claire Christie

Specky Productions
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Triple BAFTA (Scotland) award-winning Producer/Director, most recently for BBC Scotland's Being Gail Porter. Recently secured1x60 prime-time C4 doc commission for The Scottish Island That Won The Lottery for my own company.

Anne-claire's story:
Filmography And Awards


  • WINNER: BAFTA (Scotland) Documentary, Being Gail Porter, 2020
  • Nominee: BAFTA (Scotland) Audience Award, Black and Scottish, 2020
  • Nominee: RTS (Scotland) Specialist Factual, George McGavin: A Year to Save My Life, 2020
  • Nominee: BAFTA (Scotland) Specialist Factual, The Cancer Hospital, 2018*
  • WINNER: RTS (Scotland) Best Fact Ent and Features Programme, Phil Spencer: Find Me A Home, 2018*
  • WINNER: Refugee Festival Scotland Awards, Kids on the Breadline, 2018*
  • Nominee: RTS (Scotland), Best Documentary, Transplant Tales, 2016
  • Nominee: BAFTA (Scotland), Best Factual Series, Transplant Tales, 2015
  • Nominee: Edinburgh TV Festival: Best Producer/Director Debut, My Boyfriend the War Hero, 2011
  • WINNER: BAFTA (Scotland) New Talent Awards: ‘Best First Time Producer’ Specky, 2008
  • WINNER: BAFTA (Scotland) New Talent Awards: ‘Best New Work’ Specky,
  • Nominee: BBC Films Most Promising UK Talent, Specky, 2007
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Sheffield Documentary Festival, Brit Doc Film Festival, Raindance, Full Frame, Birds’ Eye View Film Festival, Specky, (*development producer)


PD *IN THE EDIT* - THE SCOTTISH ISLAND THAT WON THE LOTTERY (w/t), 1x60 C4 Specky Productions/Firecrest Films (Feb 2020-now)Execs: Iain Scollay & Nicole Kleeman, Commissioning Editors: Deborah Dunnett & Alf Lawrie

Secured commission for my own production company Specky Productions for this one-hour Fact Ent Documentary for Channel 4.

PD *IN THE EDIT* - BEING GAIL PORTER 1x60 BBC Scotland Tern TV (March 2019-September 2019)

Exec: Harry Bell, Commissioning Editor: Louise Thornton

In 1999 Gail Porter’s image was projected onto the side of the Houses of Parliament. 15 years later she was sleeping rough on Hampstead Heath. Gail tells the story of her rise to fame and her fall into anorexia, depression, self-harm and sectioning.

EXEC PRODUCER - MY SELF-THERAPY 5x3min BBC Scotland digital firsts Tern TV (June-August 2019).

Exec: Harry Bell, Commissioning Editor: Louise Thornton

Five short films to accompany Being Gail Porter in which inspirational young people with their own experiences of mental health crises reveal what they do to help themselves feel better.

PRODUCERBLACK AND SCOTTISH 1x30 BBC Scotland plus 10x1minute digital firsts Tern TV (June-August 2019)

Exec: Harry Bell, Commissioning Editor: Louise Thornton

What does it mean to be Black and Scottish? Director Stewart Kyasimire isn’t sure. In a bid to ensure that his 8-year-old daughter Yasmin isn’t faced with the same conundrum, he gathers together prominent Black Scots to consider the response.


Exec: Harry Bell, Commissioning Editor: Craig Hunter

When science presenter George McGavin was diagnosed with stage IIIc melanoma he is told that without treatment he’d just have a year to live. In this film he investigates the latest science of cancer and the revolutionary new therapies that could save him.


Exec: Harry Bell

Secured commissions for Communionzillas (w/t)(1x60 BBC Scotland/ David Harron), Black and Scottish (1x30 BBC Scotland/Louise Thornton), Gail Porter: Mental Health and Me (1x60 BBC Scotland/Louise Thornton), George McGavin: A Year to Save my Life (1x60 BBC Four/Craig Hunter). My Self Therapy (5x3 BBC Scotland digital firsts/ Louise Thornton). I also secured paid development for an access based prime time three-part C4 doc series (Fozia Khan).

HEAD OF DOCUMENTARY DEVELOPMENT Firecrest Films (November 2016 to April 2018)

Execs: Iain Scollay and Nicole Kleeman

Helped secure 19 hours and over a £1million of commissions at Firecrest: The Cancer Hospital (3x60 for BBC Scotland/ Ewan Angus), Kids on the Breadline (1x60 for BBC Scotland/Ewan Angus) The Shopping Centre: Artist in Residence with Scottish Artist Rachel MacLean (1x60 for C4/ John Hay), Fishtown (6x30 series for BBC One Scotland/ David Harron), Paramedics on Scene  (10x60 for BBC Scotland/ David Harron) and Tessa Jowell: Her Last Campaign (1x30 for BBC One’s Panorama/ Rachel Jupp). I also helped secure access to the Scottish courts for Lifers: Behind Bars (2x60 for Channel 4/ Nick Mirsky).

DEVELOPMENT PRODUCER - FIND ME A HOME 1x60 Channel 4 Raise the Roof (August to October 2016)

Exec: Sarah Walmsley, Commissioning Editor: Daniel Pearl

PRODUCER - TRANSPLANT TALES 2x60 BBC One & BBC Two Scotland Matchlight (March 2013 to March 2015)

Exec: Ross Wilson/Jacqui Hayden; Commissioning Exec: Craig Hunter

PD *IN THE EDIT* - SEEKING SOMEONE SPECIAL 1x60 BBC Two Scotland Matchlight (January to July 2012)

Exec: Ross Wilson/Jacqui Hayden; Commissioning Editor: Ewan Angus

PD *IN THE EDIT*- PRE-TEEN PROMS 1x60 BBC One Scotland Matchlight (March to October 2010)

Exec: Ross Wilson; Commissioning Editor: Ewan Angus

PD *IN THE EDIT*- MY BOYFRIEND THE WAR HERO 1x60 BBC One & Three Matchlight (January to October 2010)

Exec: Ross Wilson; Commissioning Editor: Sam Anstiss

PD *IN THE EDIT*- TRACEY EMIN: SEX SUCCESS & CELEBRITY 1x30 BBC Scot Talkback Thames (August 2008)

Exec: May Miller, Commissioning Exec: Andrew Lockyer

PD *IN THE EDIT* - A PLACE IN THE SUN HOTSPOTS 1x60 Channel 4 Freeform Productions (February to March 2008)

Exec: Anne Lavelle, Commissioning Editor: Andrew Jackson A Place in the Sun Special on France.

PD *IN THE EDIT*- ALLERGIC TO THE 21ST CENTURY 1x30 Channel 4 IWC Media (August to November 2007)

Exec: Elspeth O’Hare, Commissioning Editor: Sarah Mulvey

PD - A PLACE BY THE SEA 5x60 Channel 4 Freeform Productions (June to September 2006)

Exec: Misbah Alvi  Presenter-led property programmes.

PD *IN THE EDIT*- SPECKY 1x30 C4 British Documentary Film Foundation Indy Film (December 2005 to May2006)

Exec: Ross Wilson, Commissioning Editor: Jess Search

Originated, sourced funding, produced and directed this quirky autobiographical documentary.