Sabine Hellmann
I'm an expert facilitator in participatory filmmaking processes and have over 10 years experience in documentary filmmaking, project management, digital media and participatory facilitation processes.

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Sabine's story:
Filmmaker turned facilitator

I'm a Berlin-born, Cromarty-based Filmmaker and Facilitator.

During my Masters degree at Edinburgh College of Art, I fell in love with Scotland’s capital Edinburgh and started to work from there. Projects in India, Malawi and the UK have expanded my knowledge and skills in filmmaking and lead me to Participatory Video, a method to empower those excluded from creating film and media to tell their own stories using fun, engaging action learning principles. In 2018 I moved to Glasgow and continue to work with InsightShare on various participatory video projects as lead facilitator. I've now relocated to the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland and I'm looking to get involved with the local community.

I have over 7 years experience in filmmaking, project management and workshop facilitation and occasionally shoot smaller commissions for the charity sector. With InsightShare, I have delivered Participatory Video projects in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Ukraine and Myanmar. I also ran several Digital Storytelling projects for Scottish Book Trust and local libraries in North Ayrshire, Falkirk District and Glasgow.

I'm currently training 6 indigenous youth hubs in 4 African countries remotely, supporting them on their journey to capture their stories, cultures and struggles. Find out more here: Living Cultures Indigenous Fellowship