Bircan Birol

Bircan Birol

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Bircan is a Glasgow based documentary filmmaker.

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Bircan's story

After completing my BA in Journalism at Istanbul University, I embarked on my filmmaking journey by directing journalistic documentaries in Turkey. After moving to Scotland, I discovered my deep passion for creative documentaries.

In 2019, I directed my debut creative documentary, 'My Name is Anik,' through the renowned Bridging the Gap program at the Scottish Documentary Institute. The film received recognition, being selected for multiple BAFTA and Oscar-Qualifying festivals. It also had successful screenings in independent cinemas and community film centers across the UK as part of the Journeys Into Film program.

Since 2019, I have been working on my first feature documentary 'Your Honour' with Bombito Productions.

Apart from my work in creative documentaries, I receive commissions to create social-impact films and collaborate on other non-fiction projects. I am also actively involved in participatory filmmaking, firmly believing in the power of self-representation and the accessibility of the medium.

With extensive experience in using various cameras, sound recording, directing presenters and contributors, handling the sensitive subject matter, and editing, I bring a diverse skill set to my projects. Over the years, I have honed my craft and currently own an FS7 camera.

I am an alumna of the IDFA Academy, New Voices Talent Scheme, Glasgow Film Festival Talent  Scheme, EIFF Script Starter, Filmonomics, Scottish Documentary Institute, !f Istanbul, and a member of BAFTA Connect.