Bircan Birol
Bircan is a Glasgow based documentary filmmaker who has created content for television broadcast, film festivals, and online streaming.

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Bircan's story

Starting at university, I began filming journalistic documentaries and covering news about human rights issues in  Turkey. After I moved to Scotland, I fell in love with creative documentaries and multimedia storytelling.

I have created content for BBC Scotland and BBC Social and have been involved in multiple creative documentary shoots, including my own.

I am proficient in using a multitude of cameras and rigs, recording sound, directing presenters and contributors, handling the sensitive subject matter, and editing. I have been working with cameras for many years and have used the c300, A7s, and Fs5/7, Blackmagic, Panasonic GH5/4.

I directed my first short creative documentary 'My name is Anik' with the Scottish Documentary Institute as part of their Bridging the Gap program. The film visited several festivals and won a ‘Best Scottish Production’ award. It has been listed as one of the 10 Great Scottish Short Films from GSFF 2020 in Skinny magazine. My name also has been featured on Rianne Picture's ‘44 Women and Non-Binary Film Directors 2020’ list.

I am currently developing my first feature documentary 'Your Honour' and working on other multimedia projects. I also really like making dance and music videos. As well as documentaries and my own projects, I work as a facilitator in participatory filmmaking. I truly believe in the power of self-representation.

I am an alumna of the New Voices Talent Scheme, Scottish Documentary Institute, Glasgow Film Festival Talent Mentorship Scheme, Screenskills Mentorship Scheme, and Bridging the Gap Program of Scottish Documentary Institute. I have recently been shortlisted for the Rad program and got selected for Sheffield Doc Fest UK Broadcast Production Talent Market.

My camera still tends to zoom in on compelling human stories, alternative communities, and subcultures.