Carina Haouchine
Scottish-Algerian, Glasgow based filmmaker with a focus on creative documentary.

Can drive
B - cars / light vehicles

own vehicle

Carina's story

I'm a Scottish-Algerian, filmmaker with a focus on creative documentary. I directed my first short documentary, Ululation, through the Bridging the Gap scheme. In 2019 I participated in OTOXO Productions Into the Industry Programme in Barcelona, where I co-directed 3 short docs. I often self-shoot and edit and I've made films in collaboration with arts projects and charities from around the U.K. I was selected as a ‘New Voice’ in 2021 by the Scottish Documentary Institute. I recently participated in Film in Mind’s supervision group for emerging filmmakers and Reclaim The Frame’s Filmonomics 8. I'm currently working on my first feature doc, Session Zero.