Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews

Blazing Griffin
on the ScreenSkills scale
Dubbing mixer, sound designer and foley artist working in film, tv and theatre. Now based full time at Blazing Griffin.

Heather's story

I am a female neurodivergent, dubbing mixer and sound designer who has worked in broadcast, theatre and film for the last 14 years. I now work full time at Blazing Griffin as a dubbing mixer and have begun working on more documentaries and films in this role. I am extremely passionate about story telling through sound and I try to lend my skills to good causes when I can, including most recently the Refugee TV scheme based at CCA (pre-covid). I have also recently completed my first co-director role on a short 16mm documentary film with another artist, Julia Parks, which debuted as part of the RE-Drift festival in Cumbria in 2020. In 2020 I was also selected as a Lux Scotland/BBC Arts Now and Next artist and commissioned to co-produce an audio docu-drama. 

My most recent work - A Life in Ten Pictures - BBC Studios (sound editor and dubbing mixer)

                                 Scary Adult Things - BBC Scotland (dubbing mixer)

                                 Killing Escobar - Two Rivers Media (sound effects editor)

                                 Eye of the Storm - Montrose Films (sound editor)