Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

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I'm a filmmaker, activist and artist passionate about compelling telling stories from untold perspectives. Eager to collaborate! Check out my hip-hop protest film:

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Kiana's story

I am passionate about producing, directing and writing film. I’ve worked in television, part of the HTBI Commonwealth 2014 crew, and in theatre, part of the Young Co. at Citizen’s Theatre.

My career kick-started in 2014 when I pitched to an industry panel (including Jack Morton Worldwide) as part of the 2014 Media Festival. I became the joint winner of the pitch, going on to make my first short film with their support.

I studied BA (Hons) Film and Media/Psychology at the University of Stirling, then went on to get an MA Film from Screen Academy Scotland in 2016, before beginning my internship at media co-op to make my hip-hop protest film, Tax on Me in 2017. I also have an LLB Law Degree from the Open University.

Tax on Me, my hip-hop protest film, received press attention and provoked a parliamentary motion which praised its impact on bringing to light human rights issues faced by thousands of disabled people across the UK, as well being a catalyst for policy change. I’m also honoured to be named one of 30under30 most inspirational women in Scotland 2017 and MDUK Campaigner of the Year 2018.

I’m currently developing my feature documentary film, Kiana: Stargazing and Spinraza to further my career, writing my hip-hop album, and intermittently, taking time out to enjoy the small pleasures of life, including a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Other work includes:

BBC The Social: I've been making content for BBC The Social for a few years now across a range of topics that are important to me. Some of my videos [What is SMA] have been shared across five continents, and other have gotten up to half a million view [Physical Contact: Double Standards]. I'm not afraid to voice my honest opinions [Dr Phil: 100 out of 100] and challenge points of view on difficult topics.

Loud and Proud: [2018] A pop-art inspired, mock commercial, advertising crunchy crisps for women, and people of all genders! Organised in only a day, the film has been selected for six festivals so far including the Scottish Short Film Festival 2019 and the Alternative Film Festival in Toronto 2018, and is still touring the world. (Producer/Director/Writer)

Poly Amour: [2016] How capable are we to love boundlessly? The film explores polyamory, deconstructing conventional stereotypes of the romantic relationship structure. Made as part of the Audience Awards Fusion Doc Challenge 2016. The film was also at SQIFF 2017.