Lea Luiz de Oliveira

Lea Luiz de Oliveira

The Spit it Out Project
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Lea (she/her) is a French-Brazilian filmmaker based in Scotland. She has produced and directed films in Brazil, Scandinavia, and Korea. Her first short, “Until Sunrise”, premiered at the 2018 International Sport Film Festival in Italy.

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Lea's story:
Lea (she/her) is a French-Brazilian filmmaker based in Scotland.

What it means to be (2021, in production)

"Cal is an activist who uses music to fight for trans* rights and representation. As she is about to start her medical transition, a diagnosis puts her health and her career into question."

Spit it out (2019, 30mn for BBC)

“Scottish rapper Bee discovers how her music, poetry and performance can help her recover and regain her confidence and help other rape survivors”

I don’t want to call it Home (2018, 13mn for the Scottish Documentary Institute)

Through conversations with loved ones, a young Turkish artist confronts her fears regarding her country’s future, and the dilemma of staying or leaving home behind.

Edinburgh international Film Festival 2018

Dinard Film Festival 2018

Cucalorus Festival 2018 Inverness Film Festival 2018

Ciné Nova Film Festival 2018

Flying Broom Festival 2019

I don’t want to be one of Them (2018, 1mn)

Through poetry and contemporary dance, this 1mn experimental film explores the notion of healing from trauma by confronting your memories.

Music Shorts Film Festival 2019

60 Second Intl. Film Festival 2019

Until Sunrise (2017, 13mn)

A Danish coach and a pro MMA fighter are getting ready for an important event in Edinburgh. Through their preparation, the film questions the existence of a brutal human instinct and the notion of toxic masculinity.

40° Sport Film Festival, 2018

Beer Town Film Festival 2019

North Korean Testimonies (2014, 27mn)

This documentary denounces the North Korean refugees’ situation in South Korea through personal testimonies.

1949 (2013, 52 mn)

The European legislations of prostitution and their repercussions on society.

Amerindians, another Brazil (2012, 37mn)

This documentary studies the political & social rights of natives in Brazil.