Margot McCuaig

Margot McCuaig

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Margot McCuaig is an executive producer, novelist and award winning filmmaker.

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Margot's story

Born in Glasgow, I'm from a working class 1st generation Irish family. I'm a novelist as well as filmmaker.

I sole own my production company, purpleTV, and I write, produce and direct purple's documentary films. I have won three RTS awards to date. My focus is on strong storytelling and ensuring women's voices are remembered, celebrated and shared.

Here's a look at some of my films, all of which were on BBC platforms ALBA and iPlayer.


Gothenburg 83

Jock Stein

Tartan Pride

Jim Baxter

Famous Five

Jimmy Johnstone

Tannadice 87

Third Lanark 

Tommy Burns


Rose Reilly

Elena Baltacha

The Women Who Built Glasgow City

Iron Women