Molly Shelton

Molly Shelton

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Documentary Filmmaker, Journalist, Organiser, Campaigner, Writer and Researcher.

Molly's story:
Filmmaker, particularly interested in working on Climate Justice, Degrowth, Ecofeminism and Ecosocialism stories.

[Available for work - Scotland, UK-wide or internationally]

For examples of my current projects and skills, please follow the link in my profile. 

Artist's statement

My filmmaking is driven by the principles of climate justice, degrowth, ecofeminism and ecosocialism. With an eye for beautiful cinematography and rousing, heartfelt storytelling, I work with an unwavering determination and commitment in amplifying the voices of working class people, women and communities on the frontlines of climate change in the Global South. It is those who have contributed least to creating the conditions of austerity and environmental injustice who are already affected first and worst. These voices of the marginalised global majority must be centred in social movements, media narratives and policy making, to pressure and catalyse alternative solutions to neocolonial narratives and policies. I am optimistic that participatory filmmaking can communicate that while we have so much to loose, we have everything to gain through mass action for collective liberation. 

I am currently open to film for (but not limited to)

• Media studios, particularly those storytelling blueprints of existing, community-led solutions and power

• Social movements

• Organising and campaigning teams

• Education groups rebuilding the broken curriculum

• Policy and third sector organisations & NGOs


Previous Work

Since receiving a First Class MA from the University of Edinburgh (specialising in climate justice and film in Social Anthropology) in the last 12 months, I have contributed to a televised BBC feature documentary about Scotland's climate response since COP26 (cinematographer and archivist), and to an upcoming feature documentary about youth climate activism, 'Born on the Brink' (cinematographer and production assistant). I am regularly called across the UK to film and photograph for organisations running social justice campaigns, including Stop Cambo and Green New Deal Rising, having established relationships of trust with many organising groups. My film work last year focused on amplifying Indigenous voices at COP26, using collaborative coverage techniques with the COP26 Coalition, Letters to the Earth, Media Activist Project Scotland and Mídia NINJA. As well as being in post-production with this footage, I am currently in post-production for several other projects, including a documentary series about Scottish land ownership, a documentary for the Landworkers' Alliance about women in agroecology, and a documentary, podcast and photo series about climate justice in Scotland for 'Climate Camp Scotland'. I am also developing my skills in screenwriting and working on various comedy series!