Sanne Gault

Sanne Gault

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Pivoting from Live Music and Intimate Events photography, Unit Stills has been a place where I can use my quiet curiosity as a strength.

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Sanne's story

My name is Sanne and I'm a Unit Stills Photographer (previously mainly Music and events, but for obvious reasons I've been pivoting that over the last year and a half). I feel like I hit the jackpot when I discovered Unit Stills was an actual thing.

I've worked on 4 features, (3 of which are to be released this year). And have worked with a variety of artists, and actors, ranging from students to the likes of John Cleese - I've always been dedicated to ensuring that anyone, no matter who it is, feels comfortable around me, and is able to thrive in what they do, whilst I quietly capture the important moments.