Sarah Fairbrother

Sarah Fairbrother

Portobello Documentary
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Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a distinction in Film Directing (MA) in 2017, and have written and shot 3 commissioned films, while developing a slate of creative shorts in documentary, animation and fiction.

Can drive
B - cars / light vehicles

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Sarah's story

I had a whole other life as a marine biologist and full time mother before I embarked on a  career as a filmmaker. Although I love the sea, I realised that I was more interested in human stories than statistics and I wanted to tell stories that connect people. The film My Octopus Teacher is a wonderful example of a documentary that does exactly that.

As a filmmaker, my intention is to be sensitive and subtle in my approach, with visual poetry,  humour and compassion; films that linger in the audience's mind, long after they have been screened.  

I really love working with a team; I find the collaborative process energising and magical; creating something unique that is much more than I could achieve on my own. 

I regularly teach 9-18 year olds at the Edinburgh Film Academy and this has been a fantastic experience - expanding my appreciation for stories in all their different forms and learning about the craft. 

As well as directing and shooting, I am keen to assist in other roles - finding that I learn a tremendous amount with each and every project that I am involved in.