Sara Stroud
Film maker, Artist, and TV production lecturer. I have 20 years experience in corporate and educational film making. I also am a video Artist using creating installations and sculptural objects that incorporate film.

Sara's story:
Looking for work so I can leave the hoose :)

I have an eclectic range of skills. I am an Avid editor, self-shooter and I can work well in a team. I have been working in Aberdeen for 16 years. I teach part-time and run my own business. I have worked on so many different corporate and education film projects. I also ran the BFI film academy and have been key in delivering Moving Image education in the North east. My children are now older, I'm recently separated and I have time to work away from home. I am looking for interesting projects and to travel. I am presently working on my own documentary project which is a film about the death of my Father and intergenerational trauma within my female lineage. I love working with other people, I am a keen yogi and find I am getting better at most things with age :) 

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