Wilma Smith

Wilma Smith

Mine Horse Pictures
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By Montrose
Zero budget filmmaker for 25 years. Made a BtG ‘The Review’ (2016). Working Mum who is dedicated to tell stories.

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Wilma's story:
Female Filmmaker and Working Mum from Coatbridge

Hello, my name is Wilma Smith. I'm a writer/director. I'm also a cinematographer and an editor.

I made my first film at 13, making basic stop frame animation. As a teenager I went to evening classes at Coatbridge College and did black & white photography. When I was about to leave school in 1995, I had my interview with the Careers Officer who told me that being a filmmaker was totally unrealistic and that I should become a nurse. So, I got a job as a full time care assistant because I didn't know how to specialise in animation. I was accepted, studied and graduated in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art in 2000, then from Screen Academy Scotland in MA Screenwriting in 2007. I have co-written and co-directed 5 feature films under Fin Scotland Films, and then going solo in 2008 with another 4 films, under the new name of zero budget filmmaking, Mine Horse Pictures, a name inspired from the mining and iron works town that I come from, Coatbridge.

I've worked in arts community engagement for over 20 years and I was a part time lecturer in film and media for over 12 years.

In 2007, I edited and sound dubbed the viral campaign for Mark Millar's graphic novel 'Kickass' which went on to the successful Hollywood movie of the same name. In 2010, I was shortlisted for the Youtube crowd sourced documentary 'Life in a Day', directed by Kevin Mcdonald and produced by Ridley Scott.

I directed a short documentary ‘The Review’ commissioned through Scottish Documentary Institute and Creative Scotland, which premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016. I have also developed projects with STV and SDI. I was one of the screenwriters in residence with Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Wellcome Trust 'Ideas Lab' 2019.

I’m a working mother (Short Film Project Manager at GMAC Film) and I continue to write, film and produce my own zero budget creative projects. I'm just about to start a 3 month course in Stop Motion Animation with Aardman and will have completed the course by August 2021. It's never too late to learn!


2021 Me and ma Gal A Short Film based on the book of the same name by Des Dillon Writer Des Dillon, Director W.Smith

2020 SLiME A Short Film Writer/Director W.Smith

2019 Gilded Dreams A Super Short Writer/Director W.Smith

Johnnie Walker ‘Walk With Us’ Anthology Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019

The Retrograde Movement A trilogy of shorts Writer/Director W.Smith ‘Pater’ ‘Dawning’ and ‘Beatitude’

2018 Pater A Super Short Writer/Director W.Smith
Supported by CultureNL, Summerlee Museum of Industrial Life and Summerlee Photomedia screened as part of the exhibition ‘Lanarkshire’s War’ Sept-Nov ’18 Screened at HB Film Festival, Glasgow, Oct 2019

2016 The Review Documentary Short Director W.Smith, Producer F.Cosquer Commissioned film funded by Creative Scotland and Scottish Documentary Institute Premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016, Lost Film Found: Scotland in Focus, Docudays, Ukraine, May 2020

2015 Magpie Documentary Feature Writer/Director/Producer W.Smith World Premiere at Cherie-Cheris Film Festival, Paris, France 2015

We Are Albion Documentary Feature Writer/Director/Producer W.Smith Blackbird Film Festival, New York, USA 2015

2013 Behold Me Standing WW1 Feature Writer/Director/Producer W.Smith Screened at Screenplay Shetland and Deep Fried Film Festival 2013

2010 Life in a Day Director Kevin Macdonald, Produced by Ridley Scott
A Youtube Documentary Crowd Film. Short Listed down to the Last 100 Hours.

2009 Cola Dan Black Comedy Feature Writer/Director/Producer W.Smith Award Of Excellence at Indie Fest Film festival, La Jolla, California, 2010 Screened at deep fried Film festival, Lanarkshire, 2010

2007 My Life As A Bus Stop Feature Writers/Directors W.Smith & D.Finnigan Nominated for the Michael Powell Award at the 60th EIFF 2007

2005 Big Nose & Twinkle Toes Feature Writers/Directors W.Smith & D. Finnigan Honourable Mention At The Bronx Independent Film Festival, NY, 2005

Jury Prize Winner At Sopot International Film Festival, Poland, 2005 The Leeds International Film Festival, 2005

2003 Four Eyes Comedy Feature Writer/Director D. Finnigan Co-Director W.Smith Nominated for the Michael Powell Award at the EIFF, UK, 2003

Screened at the Leeds International Film Festival, 2003 The Bergen International Film Festival, Norway, 2003 The Ealing Film Festival of Comedy, 2004
Britspotting Berlin, 2004

The Turkish Comedy Film Festival, 2004 Voted 7th Best Scottish Film in The List, 2003

2002 Black Coffee Feature Writer/Director W.Smith Co-Director D.Finnigan Winner of the Audience Award at Ausfest Digital Film Festival, 2002

Nominated for the Best UK Feature at Raindance Film Festival, UK, 2002 Received a commendation at Britspotting Berlin, 2003
Winner of Best Screenplay at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2003 Screened at the Digital Talkies Film Festival, New Delhi 2003, 
The Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA, 2003
The European Film Festival, Stuttgart, 2003
The Madrid Comedy Film Festival, 2004, The Turkish Comedy Film Festival, 2004