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xixi zhu

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I'm currently a postgraduate student in MA film directing at the University of Edinburgh. A documentary filmmaker based in Scotland who wants to tell good stories

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Xixi's story

I am originally from Wuhan, China, and during the epidemic,, I happened to watch a TV documentary series called 'This is farming life', which got me interested in Scotland, and in September 2020 I moved to Edinburgh where I am now studying a postgraduate degree in Film Directing at the University of Edinburgh.

My undergraduate studies were in film and theatre drama scriptwriting, and due to my personal interest, my classmates and I organized a documentary filmmaking group and experimented with different styles of documentaries. One of the most memorable moments was when we followed our subjects for two years, moving between the city and the mountains, to make a documentary about folk music. This experience made me feel how difficult it is to be a documentary filmmaker, but at the same time, it made me feel the joy and happiness of filmmaking. I began to appreciate the happiness that comes from making a documentary and the true communication with people and nature, and that documentaries can bring untold emotions.

Since I arrived in Edinburgh, I have been exposed to a lot of new things and I have started to work on my own short documentary, a short film on how to find peace in the midst of an epidemic, which I have now finished shooting and will soon be editing. I have also made a short documentary on mental health which looks at the 'daily lives of people with OCD' and discusses the role of video recording in improving OCD symptoms. I have also been filming and producing some vlogs to document my life and feelings in Scotland.

Scotland has made me feel free and full of creative desire and power,  I want to stay here and discover and tell every story I can in this friendly atmosphere.