Amparo Fortuny
Documentary filmmaker and producer. The Next Day Films.

Can drive
B - cars / light vehicles

own vehicle

Amparo's story:
Documentary filmmaker and producer.

Documentary filmmaker and producer whose films frequently depict diverse realities, touching upon political and human rights issues through a narrative centred around the human experience, characterised by a thoughtful approach.

Her work’s been featured via Filmin, MUBI, La Sexta Noticias, Las Mañanas de Cuatro and has won a selection of awards at festivals alongside numerous nominations.

Amparo founded her own production company The Next Day Films to facilitate the production of her work on documentary, art video and VR/360º. Balancing her roles in directing, producing, and cultural management, she also shares her expertise through academic endeavours, teaching filmmaking, storytelling, and photography at Glasgow Clyde College.