Hannah Bailey
Hannah Bailey is a passionate award-winning photographer, journalist and producer who has been immersed in the underground scenes of action sports, adventure and the outdoors for over 10 years.
Bircan Birol
Bircan is a Glasgow based documentary filmmaker who has created content for television broadcast, film festivals, and online streaming.
Ruby Cedar
Glasgow based Filmmaker and Visual artist. Production Assistant / Runner / 1st AD / Editor / Sound Design / Writer / Director
Meray Diner
Glasgow based filmmaker, currently at GMAC Film
Mariana Duarte
As a film editor, I embrace my role as a professional supporter that aims at helping filmmakers to achieve the film they envisioned; as a filmmaker, I'm interested in exploring the boundaries between documentary and fiction.
Siobhan Fahey
Edgy, Queer, Nightlife - I tell stories that are fresh, edgy and challenging - queer, diverse, after dark
Sarah Fairbrother
Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a distinction in Film Directing (MA) in 2017, and have written and shot 3 commissioned films, while developing a slate of creative shorts in documentary, animation and fiction.
Ciara Flint
Documentary director, camera operator and editor passionate about raw and honest storytelling.
Bea Goddard
Queer filmmaker from West Yorkshire, based in Edinburgh. Work has previously focused on neurodivergence, sexism in boxing, and nonbinary parenthood.
Rebecca Hamill

Rebecca Hamill

Grierson Trust DocLab
on the ScreenSkills scale
Airdrie/Glasgow-based new entrant to the industry. Enthusiastic and creative, with a passion for engaging and accessible storytelling. Currently building experience and keen to learn!
Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi
I'm a filmmaker, activist and artist passionate about compelling telling stories from untold perspectives. Eager to collaborate! Check out my hip-hop protest film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0bgWZRc5QQ
Lea Luiz de Oliveira
Lea (she/her) is a French-Brazilian filmmaker based in Scotland. She has produced and directed films in Brazil, Scandinavia, and Korea. Her first short, “Until Sunrise”, premiered at the 2018 International Sport Film Festival in Italy.
Naomi Mackay
I hold a degree in film and photography and have over twenty years’ experience in public facing  positions in IT, teaching, filmmaking, photography and hospitality.  A particular strength is my enthusiasm and ability to build client relationships.
Erica Monde
I am a Self-Shooting P/D from California based in Glasgow. My work explores interdisciplinarity across documentary, ethnographic film, and fine art installations.
Raman Mundair
Raman Mundair is an Indian born, director, writer, artist, activist, filmmaker and playwright. She is not neuro-typical and identifies as disabled, Queer and a British Asian intersectional feminist. She is based in Shetland and Glasgow.
Chantel Ng
Chantel is an artist and creative. Currently, she is pursuing her career in unscripted television. Her experiences included working in Development and Production.
Jennie Robson
Scottish Borders
An engaged and ambitious new entrant into the industry, with a background in Psychology & Research. Excited to pursue entry level opportunities in documentary filmmaking following my recent work at two International Human Rights Film Festivals.
Morna Ross
About to graduate with a BA (Hons) Media (hopefully)
Beth Sabey
Glasgow-based filmmaker, with a passion for creative and socially-engaged storytelling.
Kerry-Anne Saouter
After 10 years of experience in Canada, freshly arrived in Scotland.
Jessica Secmezsoy-Urquhart
28/Scot/Turk/writer/filmmaker/BBC Social contributor/Autistic/Disabled/Nonbinary/queer.
Molly Shelton
Documentary Film Maker, specialising in environmental justice film.
Hannah Spreckley
Early in the stages of a documentary career after several years as a print journalist.
Stephanie Symington
A figure skating, pole dancing, arthritic and Dyslexic Researcher.
Shona Thomson
I make and research films that give archive footage a wider platform. I also create and produce events that use archive film to kickstart conversations around identity, heritage and representation. I use the past to talk about the future.